PREMIUM WEBINAR | How to use Energy Work to Create Deeper Trust in Yourself

- How to recognize and remove potential causes of self-abuse - Strategies for feeling safer in expressing your true essence - Removing imbalances that may be causing you to betray or lie to yourself - Affirmations that may help you establish better internal boundaries - The relationship between self-trust and trust within other relationships


PREMIUM WEBINAR | How Negative Energies Affect the Physical Body

This Premium Webinar will cover the effects of negative energies on the physical body. Trapped energies will be explained in terms of their life-cycle. Learn about conditions that contribute to problems and about what happens when negative energies are triggered and/or discovered. Be knowledgable enough to be able to share this information with others.


PREMIUM WEBINAR | Cultivating a Balanced State of Mind for Doing Energy Work

On this Premium Webinar, you will learn mindfulness practices that can help us to be better energy healers and how to develop more trust in your tuition and clarify muscle testing. We'll show you how to get out of your own way and adopt a mentality that will keep you balanced and open to truth. Presented September 18th, 2019.


PREMIUM WEBINAR | Using The Body Code to Address Adoption Related Stress

On this Premium Webinar, we'll discuss... - Using energy healing to help establish connections for the whole family - Understanding the sensitive and unique emotional needs of adoptees - DNA and how technology is changing life for adoptees and their families - How to help establish a balance of unique identity and sense of belonging.

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