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First 2 chapters of The Emotion Code – eBook

Get started on the groundbreaking book that sparked an energy healing movement. Learn how you could release the energy of trapped emotional distress for better health, abundance and happiness.

The Emotion Code Printable Flowchart PDFs

Want to feel like yourself again? Try these easy-to-follow, printable Emotion Code Flowcharts. Follow their simple, step-by-step instructions, and you could easily find and release your Trapped Emotions.

Intro to Energy Healing: 8-Video Series

These videos present the foundational concepts of energy healing, designed to help you discover how to change your life for the better.

“I have released 9 trapped emotions from my Heart Wall so far and the shift has been incredible. I have known that I have had some major Emotional Blocks in that have prevented me from living my life to the fullest. I always could get so far with certain aspects of my life then I always felt like I would hit a wall and go two steps backward. I have worked on different clearing methods in the past, but the Emotion Code has been absolutely incredible. The process works so quickly… Things are flowing into my life with ease now and I feel a sense of calm and peace over many things in my life. I am looking forward to releasing and clearing even more!”

Niki Kostrova

With The Emotion Code, you could…

  • Release sadness, anger, dread, humiliation, insecurity, abandonment and many more – for good
  • Begin your journey toward joy, well-being, and abundance
  • Quickly release your Heart-Wall, bringing the potential for major progress in your personal life

  • Learn to use your subconscious mind to identify and release Trapped Emotions that may cause all kinds of physical and emotional discomfort
  • Help other people and animals feel and function at their best, even from far away

Get your FREE Emotion Code® Starter Kit

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